The following message could not be decoded properly

I have DevonThinkPro 3 and have imported a number of emails from both Gmail & yahoo. I am up-to-date in all my applications and using macOS Big Sur 11.4,
and I have recently noticed that many of my emails can no longer be read - I can read the send, date and subject line but when I click on the email, I get the above message. I’m attaching a screenshot which I hope will help clarify the problem.

I am assuming there is a (relatively) simple answer as there were no current posts about this topic! Thanks for any help!

Are the emails encrypted?

Are you able to open the emails externally in an email app?

No, they are not encrypted - they are just normal emails.

When I double click on the email in DTP3 it comes up as a solo email message but again - no content, just the “could not be decoded” message.

When I go back into my email accounts and search for the same email,
it comes up - within my email account - as a complete message, with the content fully intact.

  • If you drag and drop the email to the desktop, then into DEVONthink, does it display properly?
    • If not, can you Control-click and compress it, then start a support ticket and attach it? Thanks!

No, it still doesn’t.

I will start a support ticket as suggested - many thanks!

fwiw I just got the “could not be decoded” error on a new email
I switched notes, then back and the error disapeared
I’m guessing a lag in processing (or a glitch in the matrix)