the following scenario

hi all
I’d like to know weather there is already an AppleScript (or a similar one) to the following scenario:

I often got to sort PDFs by their family name by ABC. So I’ve got in one folder all the PDFs and in its subfolder there are folders from a to z.

Now what I would like to achieve is that I can scroll down the PDFs and when I for example have a PDF that belongs to the folder “s”, because the family name begins with “s”, so I can only press the letter “s” on my keyboard and the PDF will be moved to the folder “s” with the help of AppleScript.

Would be great if there’s already a solution out for this.

Thanks in advance.


AppleScript can’t handle keystrokes, therefore the only possibility would be to open either a dialog to enter the character or to open the group selector but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

However, depending on the naming scheme of the PDF documents (e.g. the first character of the first/second/third etc. word is the relevant one), AppleScript could automatically file all selected documents without any user interaction.

ok, thank you for your help!

And if you don’t want to spend the time to get those scripts to work, take a look at this program … index.html
and the screencast halfway down the page.

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Hope this helps