The good, the good and the ugly

Hey there :slight_smile: I’m currently on the trial period and I really like what Devonthink pro does so far.

However, it is realllly ugly :smiley: (Sorry for being frank here, and of course that’s just my own personal taste).

So I’m wondering two things here before making a buying decision:

  1. Are there any plans to drop a refreshed UI this year or should we better not hold our breath?

  2. Should I wait with the purchase for the next major release or do you usually have discounted upgrade prices for recent buyers?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

We don’t comment on timeframes but we are working on some UI related things. And yes, we offer upgrade pricing that’s fair to all parties.

It’s just the first feeling. When you get used to it, you understand that it is really powerful, and it is hard to make it better not sacrificing this or that feature.


hi epegzz

and what do you mean with »ugly«? as a designer i know similar discussions with clients and subjective aspects, but i think devonthink i just following apples (classic) ui/ux-guidelines.
yes, the trend is turning to implement »features« of the web design in desktops apps, too. but I do not know if the fancy google world meets the complex requirements of a solution like devonthink?

best regards

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With “ugly” I mean just simple things like for example inconsistent or missing spacings, where UI elements are sticking to the edge of the pane. Also, the apple design language has heavily changed over the last years (Got more simplistic as opposed to trying to imitate the look of real world textures and forms). This app however still feels like from the times when the OSX had cat names :wink:


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… ok, we’re talking about a deeper level of ui/ux and you’re right, of course.
devonthink has come a long way and so traces of older cats can be found :slight_smile:
but I’m hopeful that the shell will be as professional and modern as the core.

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