The Intrigue of DEVONSphere

On the footer of the new 2.0 products pages, I saw “DEVONSphere” in the brand and trademark. I hadn’t seen that mark before.

searched the site and got a page notifying me of the site being registered, but not yet used. (props to DT for using a branded park page).

googled it, got which leads to the same page.

So, quite tasty to have a party for the big release today but to leave such a tasty morsel of intrigue out there for us.

Maybe the name of the upcoming iPhone app?


WebDAV/ cloud service perhaps?

I read somewhere before about WebDAV sync coming up with the iPhone app and remember some mention around the iDisk issue.

Sphere seems to implicate such.

But alas… That’s why it’s such juicy intrigue.

Nice work spotting that! Searching for “DEVONsphere” returns two press releases (here is the English):

And further:
Seems like branding for AI suite. Very interesting, very cool.

No, that’s still the “DEVONtechnology” :wink:

Well I, for one, would prefer (need) the iPhone app not to depend on online connectivity. That’s one of the reasons I was turned off from Evernote. I do a lot of work in places without web access or phone signal, so not being able to read my database in such places would not be good…

The iPhone/iPad application won’t require a connection to the Internet.

That was a fast response!

Can you hear me happily singing and dancing like a little child? :laughing:

Thanks!! :smiley:

If you go Premium with Evernote your database is held locally - ie, on your iPhone (and I presume iPad) - so that you can work offline. If you make changes they are synced next time you go online :slight_smile:

I am getting very excited at the thought of being able to use DEVONthink Pro Office on the move and say farewell to Evernote :smiley:

But I like DEVONthink sooo much more! :smiley:

Me to. But until DTPO syncs across all devices I have to keep my in-progress (road warrior) stuff on E. Godspeed Devonthink for iPhone and iPad :slight_smile:

Devonshpere : an intranet/internet collaboration tool that aims to be a a web based tool that links the Devonsuite users in a seamless environment !! Its definitely some kind of an information ‘magic ball’ .