The log window can open in the wrong space

After reading How to Use the Log Window I thought I ask the following question, although it is a tricky one, because it happens sometimes but not all the time:

I have set DEVONthink to reside on one desktop or space of multiple spaces. Plus I have set DEVONthink’s log window to open automatically.

With this setup it can happen that the log window opens not in the space the other windows are on – which is very irritating, because then switching with cmd-tab to DEVONthink might not switch to the space with the main window.

Any idea how to fix this?

There is no way to fix it.

Following user requests, the Log window and Download Manager can appear on other spaces.

Ok, but when does this happen? - As said, I experience this sometimes but not all the times…

That would be something Development would have to respond to and Christian is on holiday at this time.

Good for him. :smile:

Actually that’s a good question as the spaces are controlled by macOS, not by DEVONthink.

Hope you had a good break. :smile:

So that means the Log window unpredicitably can pop up on any space even on a space where is no main DEVONthink window?

Yes. it can appear on any space (to ensure that you’re able to view the messages as soon as possible).