The mysterious case of where Scans go and why

When ScanSnap sends a scanned file to DevonThink Pro where does that scan go and how does it know to put the scan there?

Is there a setting that will allow the scan to be placed in the Inbox of my “scans” database.

Is there away way to create a smart group that identifies scanned files vs clipped?

EDIT: I am using the absolute latest version of DevonThink

See page 71 of the 3.8.3 version of the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook” where it says, unmysteriously,

The files will be imported into the Global Inbox or a selected location, depending on the option set in Preferences > Import > Destination.

Thanks. I am familiar with the guide. I was asking specifically about scans. Hoping for answers to those questions.

Are “scans” the “files” that the scanner produces? Perhaps I do not understand your question.

As to “why” of anything, dunno. Sorry.

What does your ScanSnap scanning profile look like?

Yeah. I am trying to find away to identify files that have been produced by the scanner or scanning process without having to intervene at the time a document is scanned. I believe the setting you pointed me to guides DevonThink’s processing for all types of files that arrive without having the destination explicitly set.

Here ya go. I have DevonThink do the OCR. I also have DevonThink get rid of the scans when done. So I end up with a PDF+Text file in the Global Inbox.

Those settings look correct if you’re letting DEVONthink do the OCR.

You can set DEVONthink’s Preferences > Files > Import > Destination to Select group and choose the location of each scan.

Is there ANY way to create a smart group that identifies the source of a file that DevonThink is managing. Does DevonThink add any kind of data or tag that would give us away to identify files from Scansnap?

You could experiment with setting in your ScanSnap profile setting up some sort file naming convention that say the first part of the fille name is SC or ScanSnap or something. I don’t have the software to check for you, but under “detailed settings” this might be possible. Then in DEVONthink have a “Smart Rule” or “Smart Group” that uses that prefix to show you results, or modify where the file goes upon import.

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ScanSnap allows a custom name or a name with the current data and time. There is no support for setting a suffix or prefix. At least I have not yet found a syntax that works with ScanSnap. I’ll look harder once Devon say they don’t add any kinda of classification. They clearly know it is a scan that needs OCR’ing, so maybe there is something in those files that they know of, that will help me.

The DEVONthink Handbook on page 71 says

DEVONthink knows the identifiers of many scan application

But I don’t see where in rules that info is detected and available. If there, don’t see it.

And on the Fujitsu ScanSnap side of things … in the User Guide for the the profiles section the following statement is made:

But this option is never available to me. It seems to be available if a person uses the Scan To Cloud application.

Well given ScanSnap not helping, what i would do at this point would be to save the scans in a folder say ~/scans and the use Hazel to watch that folder and for all incoming add a prefix or suffix to the file name then move the renamed file to DEVONthink’s inbox where import rules on OCR and everything else you may want and is possible can be done.

Other ways than the terrific Hazel app, but that probably the handiest.

OK. I’l wait for the definitive word from Devon Dev. It feels like that info should be there somewhere.

probably good to check with Fujitsu about how to add a prefix to the scanned file name.

Edit: or live with it and give all your scans a coded name, e.g. “SCAN20220418070707.pdf” or something.

Fujitsu offers prefix addition in their cloud offering. I am not going to put stuff in the cloud.

I don’t understand your edit or how I would achieve that if Fujitsu don’t offer prefix+date as an option.

then figure out the pattern of the file name they use and go with that.

my older Fujitsu software allows prefix setting. maybe you can use that on your device. i do not know. download from Fujitsu.


while you do not like what they do they do provide a way forward for you.

hope it all works for you. i have no more suggestions.

or as suggested above scansnap to put the files not directly to DEVONthink and process with Hazel or equivalent with prefixes or whatever. that is not difficult and i know will work.

@rmschne’s suggestion of adding a manual prefix is a good one IMHO.

However, if you don’t enable DEVONthink to automatically do OCR, you can see the Creator in the Document > Properties inspector shows the ScanSnap as the creator…

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 11.10.41 AM