The never ending rebuild

My DevonNote windows recently started to lock up occasionally – the window I was working in would freeze and I couldn’t do anything in that window, though other windows still worked. I ran the Backup and Repair and Optimize commands, but I still had lockups, so I decided to rebuild the database. That was about six hours ago. My database isn’t that big – 250 MB or so, I think – and I’m worried that something’s wrong. When I open Apple’s Force Quit command, it doesn’t say that DevonNote is not responding, so I haven’t tried to force quit, but I’m tempted to do so. I have a story due tomorrow and really need to get to the info in my DN database, but as long as it’s rebuilding the database, I can’t do anything with it. Any suggestions? If the rebuild doesn’t finish by tomorrow morning, I’ll have to force quit and face the consequences, I guess. Thanks for any help.


Sorry you are having problems.

From the fact that one document was locking up on you but you could open other windows, I would suspect a corrupted document. The Rebuild certainly should not take 6 hours.

Did anything unusual happen recently, such as a power outage or System freeze? Do you have an adequate amount of free hard disk space?

Open Activity Monitor and check to see if some process has run away and is loading up the CPU. It’s possible that another application is choking the computer. If so, do a Force Quit on any non-responding application.

I hate to recommend a Force Quit of DEVONnote, but it may come to that. If you do that, reboot your computer, then run Disk Repair from your installation disk. If errors are found, repeat until (I hope) no errors are found. Then reboot normally and run Permissions Repair.

In the Finder, locate your DEVONnote database in /Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/. Its the folder named “DEVONnote”. Select (don’t open) that folder and copy it (Option-drag) to your Desktop. Retain the copy in case any further actions mess up the original database.

Then launch DEVONnote. Since it’s likely that the Rebuild did not complete, you may need to do Restore Backup. The first Backup folder should contain your most recent backup, which may well have the same problems you were experiencing before the Rebuild. If you can’t get the files you need and (I hope) they are in the next most recent internal Backup0 folder, do Restore Backup and choose the Backup0 folder.

If you still have problems, post here or send an email to Support and we will try to get you up and running, at least to the point of accessing the files you need for tomorrow.


rebuilding creates a backup first. Therefore if you have to force quit, just use “Restore Backup…” afterwards.

Thanks to Christian and Bill for the prompt and helpful responses. No, I don’t recall any system outages, and Activity Monitor shows nothing using more than 9% of CPU, and that only intermittently.

With no other choice, I forced quit and rebooted. Ran disk and permission repairs. Opened DevonNOTE and found everything as it was before the lockup. (Whew!) Haven’t noticed any other problems so far, but I assume you’re right that a doc got corrupted somehow. Because everything seems to be okely dokely, I’m now wondering whether I need to restore backup or do anything else to prevent recurrence.

Again, thanks for the quick reply. The responsiveness of the Devon developers and community are a major reason I came to the program (that and the freeware like WordService and EasyFind), and plan on sticking with it, despite temptations from the occasional Yojimbo or whatever, as long as it makes it easy to organize and safeguard my info.


please run “Verify & Repair”. If this does not report any problems, then use “Backup & Optimize”, quit DEVONnote, launch it again and use “Verify & Repair” one more time. If there are no problems, everything should be fine (although a backup strategy like burning CDs/DVDs regularly is always highly recommended - hardware, software and systems might fail!).

Thanks Christian. Ran the Verify and repair – no problems found. Ran Backup & Optimize, then quit Devon and fired it up again. Ran Verify & Repair – no problems found. So I guess it was just a hiccup.

And yes, for a few hours there, amid my anxiety, I was feeling pretty virtuous that I’d just done a monthly backup to CD last Friday. That wouldn’t have helped much with that particular column, which I’d started writing Monday, but most of the info had been collected earlier and would presumably have been in the backup (I backup the DevonNote folder in Application Support) on my CD.
Thanks again!