The new assistant of 2.1 is great!

I already read all of your old support docs, but the new assistant was an eye-catcher which urged me to have a closer look…I ended up reading the whole thing a again. Very beautifully designed and a joy to use. Also loved the “install extras”-section. I hope this will become a huge repository over time :wink:.

What I do not really like is the voice and presentation of the new introduction video. The person doing the screencast speaks hectically, sometimes bordering on being not understandable (At least for me, but I am not a native speaker) and jumps amazingly fast from one feature to another. A big contrast to the soft and calm presentation of the old tutorial videos. Maybe a video around the 20min mark would be more suited for such a feature rich application like DT.

Thank you!

The intro video for DEVONagent 3.0 will have a very different style.