The new icon and the idiocies of the aged

Purely for light relief…

I really like the new dock icon. However I use dark mode on my MacBook Pro which does tend to show little bits of dust on the screen so keep a cleaning cloth to hand gently to wipe those away. For some time after the upgrade to DT3 3.6.2 I was trying to wipe away the paper clip at the top of the new dock icon <sigh>.



Thanks for a nice laugh before I try to crash. :slight_smile:

Far from the most important thing in the world, or even the most important thing about the new update, but the paperclip on the new icon is a bit like Microsoft still representing the “Save” function with an icon of a floppy disk.

Given the capabilities of Devonthink, it does it a disservice to imply that it’s for tidying up your paper filing.


(Humourless grouch that I am.)

The world isn’t paperless and a paperclip is certainly a ubiquitous item still.


Ahem. I entirely closed DT to see if that “stick” was removed from the icon… and until I’ve read this I haven’t noticed it is a paperclip. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hahaha! :stuck_out_tongue: