The problem with "next instance"

I often open groups in new windows. I have a lot of replicants. BUT … why is it still impossible to reveal an entry or show the next instance while I’m not in the Top Group? You know why, but I really don’t …
In such a sophisticated, reliable app like DTP this is annoying.

Right now, I’ve got 6 groups open. I select a document in the frontmost group view (which is a subgroup in the top-level view) and double-click it to open it in its own window.

In the upper left of the document window (immediately below the Close/Minimize/Expand buttons) there’s a set of navigation arrows that let me move up, down, to beginning or to end of the list of documents in the group where the document is located. So the content changes in the document window as I navigate through the group contents.

If I press Command-R (Reveal) while viewing the document, its parent group becomes frontmost with the document name selected, and the focus is the names column. The Up and Down arrows move me up or down in the list of documents. The Home key moves to the first document in a group, while the End key moves to the last.

There are some factors affecting which view will appear when Command-R is selected. If the open parent group is a first-level group in the top-most view, it will be displayed to show the location of the document. Otherwise, the top-level view will be displayed and the document location will be displayed in that window. In either case, the document location in the organizational scheme is immediately apparent.

Thanks, but my problem is not how to navigate. Let me describe:
In the top level group both commands, “Reveal” and “(Go) Next instance”, work: they show me where replicants are located.
In a subgroup (open in its own window) neither “Reveal” nor “Next instance” have any effect: nothing happens.

I see jonas’ point. This behavior can be easily reproduced. If you open a group in a new window, ‘reveal’ or ‘next instance’ of the documents in there do nothing. Is this a feature?

Sorry, guys, I misread the original post. I see your point.