The "send by email" command not attaching if account signatu


Small “bug” I have noticed. If I use the “Send by email” command from within DTPO and that my Apple Mail account has an HTML signature, the document is not attached.

The new email is created without attachment and I have to drag’n drop the file from DTPO to Apple Mail.

It’s working though with accounts with a simple text signature.
The workaround I use is, in Apple Mail Accounts prefs, to move an account with text signature on top, account which will be used by default by DTPO.

But as my daily profesionnal signature, the one with which I send most document, is HTML, it would be nice if this could be fixed.

Thanks, Stéphane

Could you please forward your HTML signature to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

I also have unusual behaviour with DTPro Office and Mountain Lion. I have a signature that includes my company logo. When I choose Send By Email, the attachment replaces the company logo. Other weirdness is some lines of text in my signature get underlined.

Is this a known bug. Had no problem with Lion.

Anyone dealing with this issue? Send a bunch of stuff this way and I’ve always got to delete my ‘corrupted’ signature and add it again.