The ultimate rally cry for an improved full screen.

Dear Devon Folks,

I have tried to use your full screen mode for writing on my MacPro laptop. It just doesn’t work. The text is just too close to the bottom of the screen. Adding returns to the bottom of the document (as per super Bill’s suggestion) ends up being a pain when I’m in a hurry and I export multiple pages as one rtf and email to my editor. The returns leave massive gaps between the pages.

I’ve taken to using Write Room, but I’m bummed that after spending the bucks on DevonPro Office that I would have to spend and additional 25.00 on Write Room to have a decent full screen. It’s also inconvenient to switch between apps quickly to check details in my devon data base.

I’m hoping the Devon community (especially the writers) will add their voice to this post - and I’m hoping the Devon folks will take this seriously and add typewriter scrolling or at least a very decent buffer at the bottom of the screen.


If you can afford another 35.00 for Scrivener, check it out. It’s a great writing tool and has an excellent full screen mode.

Hey there, I was actually using it until I found Devon. Scrivener is a gorgeous piece of software and I would highly recommend it. For me Devon’s OCR and other tools for storing and searching data have been brilliant for my writing assignments.

But many thanks for the suggestion. Lots of nice people hanging out here. I’m very appreciative of all the responses I’ve received to my questions. I’m also officially a Bill fan.

Still pushing hard for Devon folks to enhance that full screen with the Typewriter scroll. I’d be willing to send wine as bribe.