The web clipper somehow eats huge amounts of resources

I’m doing the import of web archives via applescript and I have noticed that the “Clip To Devonthink” process starts going berserk. Here the relevant part from Activity Monitor::

The webclipper takes 14GB! No idea how this happens from Applescript, but this is not good. :frowning:

After a while DEVONthink comes to a crawl and only quitting DT3 resolves this.

How does the script look like and how many web archives do you create that way?

It happens with the pinbaord script I sned in in an earlier post. Essentially a loop around

create web document from theURL

A couple of thousand urls, but not in one go.

And do you use this script regularly or only for new bookmarks?

See `create web document from` has problems with redirects