The webpage struggle

Recently I got some struggle to set up my workflow to capture webpages and continue working with them.

I like to filter my information input from several sites with inoreader. Inoreader allows my to use a single application to get several information even from Facebook, Twitter and newsletters.

As I’m going through this information I want to save some pages/information for later in DevonThink2Go on my iPad.

Frist I tried Instapaper as a some kind of API to read and annotate some text within the articles and afterwards share this annotations to DevonThink to continue working with it. But I don’t really like this workflow and would like to use the whole article in DevonThink and annotate there.

As for webarchive there is no possibility to annotate in DevonThink2Go and so I have to go with PDF. I got no problem with that, but I did not see the option to import the webpages in clean Safari reader syle as a PDF-File. The options are limited to markdown, webarchive and bookmark.

It would be great to get the possibility to import some webpages as a clean pdf as the desktop Safari Extension got.

I tried to use apples workflow app to get this to work. The workflow app seems to be as stable as it should be.

I could use it to open the webpage and create a pdf-file from it before I import this file to DT2G, but it does not work everytime and acts not really deterministic at the moment.

I think there are three options at the moment:

  1. I use DT2G as a Feed-Reader but it got not nearly the functions inoreader got. So this should be my last option as in my opinion software should support my workflow.

  2. I have to find some app to convert the shared URL to a page and copy it to DevonThink. Maybe IFTTT, Apple workflow, Instapaper or maybe something else (Evernote,.

  3. There is any chance to get webpages to DT2G directly as a pdf to work with it

What do you think would be my best option? I really hope for option #3 but I think option #2 is the one i have to go with for the next time.

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You might appreciate the thinking and the Shortcut I provided here:

Sadly this no longer works as well in iOS 14. There’s a fix coming, but it depends on the next edition of DEVONthink To Go. Hopefully soon!