things I hate of devonthink

Somedays ago I decided to compress my too large database, I make a find of all the PDF files, I select all the PDF and select "convert to searchable PDF’
Devon start converting and it ends, all was fine and my database now is around 180MB instead 700mb. Ok, yesterday I was using it and in a sub-group there was ten PDF coming from different groups. While devon was converting the files, it moves some files in another folder.
I look in recent backup I done, and in the backup the files are in the right place. Why?

Yesterday I add a scan, around ten page. Devon scan it, make the ocr process, and at the end It tells me that can not import the pdf, and ask me to try using the finder. I drag and drop the pdf from finder and devon import it. Why I have to manually drag and drop the scanned pdf sometimes?

I have fear of this problems, cause a serious database can not has this kind of problem, like the other I write some times ago about items referred to missing pdf… Can you insert a serious log that write when and why a files is moved / deleted?