Thinking multiple

A database for each project.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a multiple databases option for DEVONthink PE - Having only one is very limiting and potentially confusing. I know that the more expensive versions will have this feature, but surely PE needs this feature as a basic requirement not an expensive extra option. Are Devon tech selling DEVONthink PE short by limiting it so much.

Why do you need multiple databases?  Then you need to remember which database you’ve put stuff in, and must navigate to it before you search in the first place.

I dump everything in one database, and have separate categories for stuff.  I can navigate by category, or just search – and the latter is where the value is, because if I accidentally put something in the wrong place, I’ll find it anyway!

Yes, if you are starting a project then all the information you find will be in one database. You could have a general database for all those ‘loose ends’ but for project building and those of us with multiple diverse projects
it makes for a more manageable system of information retrieval to open a specific notebook for a specific job/project.

‘Dumping information in’, is not how I work or a real life metaphor.
DTPE is like a folder - I would think that for an organized system to work at it’s optimum it would be project specific - information in multiple folders.

All I am saying is there should be an option for multiple notebooks/databases and it shouldn’t just be a more costly option as it’s not really adding anything extra in cost but just being more ergonomic to the end user.

DT PE will never support multiple databases. However there’s one workaround:

Create multiple "projects" or "categories" groups at the top level of your database. Afterwards just double-click on those groups (maybe while pressing the option modifier key to close the current browser) - a new browser will open displaying only the contents of this project.

And if you disable the "Global" option of the toolbar search popup, then only results inside the project will be listed. Turning off the preference "Revert State" is also recommended so that the windows that were open on quit will be automatically opened on startup again.

And as DT 1.9 will introduce a floating groups panel, you could open your "projects" just by double-clicking on them too.

Thanks for the reply and enclosed hint on getting around the problem of not having support for multiple notebooks/databases etc… in DTPE.
If I do want them, I will have to pay almost double for the privilege
plus an upgrade fee.

I am now a little put-off - I was ready to purchase DTPE, had a couple of questions I wanted answering before doing so, and am now more confused than when I started.

Security, specific notebooks for specific projects and possibility of being caught between versions and paying more because of it.

It seems I will have to wait for at least another version to be released before considering giving you guys any cash for what I thought was an excellent product - this is a pity.

There will be no upgrade fee from DT Pro 1.x to 2.x.