ThinkPro Office not seeing Canon MX7600 Scanner

I have reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled all of my software, and for some reason ThinkPro Office 2.05 & 2.07 are no longer seeing my Canon MX7600 Scanner. This has worked faultlessly in the past, but now…nothing, it will see the printer side of it and that is all, Image Capture works without problem, and the only scripts that have been installed are, Copy Selection.scpt and Link to Current Document.scpt even after running Install Add Ons.
Can anyone assist wit this pse

many thanks

Perhaps you had manually downloaded and installed a scanner driver from Canon that’s not included in the OS X collection, and after the reinstall that driver is no longer there.

In any case, there’s another way to achieve automatic OCR of scanner output.

  1. Create a new Finder folder that is to receive your scanner’s output. For the sake of illustration, I’ll call that folder “Harry”.

  2. In the Finder, Control-click on “Harry” and choose the contextual submenu “Services”, then select “Folder Actions Setup”.

  3. Choose the script named “DEVONthink - Import, OCR & Delete”. You will find this script at ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/.

  4. Attach that script to “Harry”.

Now operate your scanner using its provided driver software after configuring it to save scanner output to “Harry”. DT Pro Office should be running.

Each time a new scanner output file is saved into “Harry”, the attached Folder Action script will send it to DT Pro Office for OCR and storage of the resulting searchable PDF, then send the original image file to the Trash. The folder “Harry” will therefore be emptied as each image-only PDF is sent to it and then forwarded to DT Pro Office for Import and OCR.