Thinner font for the menu bar icon

:face_with_monocle: I really think a slim font will do way better than the current chosen one:


Of course these are my two cents based on my own, totally biased preferences.

You can always use the icon :wink:

based on my own, totally biased preferences.

I like your honesty :stuck_out_tongue:
… no, seriously. :slight_smile:

@Hens Yeah, thanks, but since I have some good space left in the menu bar, I prefer the whole word as it is infinitely more comfortable to click on it (FTR I hate clicking on small stuff and try to use the keyboard for everything).

Said that, do you know if it is possible to navigate notes popup window with the keyboard?

I haven’t found yet a way to trigger the creation of voice notes using the keyboard.

@BLUEFROG Well, graphic design nor human interfaces design are my strongest skills – in fact if anything, it’s far, far away from that.
If I’d be talking about something I know I’m good at, I’d be providing you with a leafy and terrible boring list backing my point :slight_smile:

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