Third party files don't open, "Open With" menu bro

Love Devonthink - it has improved my ability to teach science in too many ways…

Something odd happened, though. Used to be, when I would click on an Omnigraffle or Omnioutliner file (or whatever non-Devonthink created resource), it would automatically open in the program that created it. Now, when I double click on these imported files, a blank Devonthink editor window pops up bearing the title of the file.

See the screen capture below: I double clicked on my imported OmniOutliner file, and I get the window below. I did not knowingly make any change to any preference setting, etc… this just started happening yesterday, and it is really impeding my work flow.

Many thanks for any hints you can offer!

My first idea would be that the system cache that links file types to applications is corrupt. You may want to use a cache cleaning tool (I use Lynx but there are others) to clean up the “Launch Services” database.


I appreciated the quick response. I used a utility to do what you suggested (cleared caches, reset the launch services).

Strangely, the problem is only with Devonthink - I can use “Open With” just fine via the finder.

Any ideas how I can get Devonthink to open (again, for example) Omnigraffle files in Omnigraffle? Again, I just get a blank Devonagent window with the title of the file, etc… but no content.

Right now, my only solution is to copy the files OUT of Devonthink (say, to the Desktop) and open them from there.

Thanks again - I would really love to get this resolved since I am not doing almost all of my teaching using Devonthink.

:arrow_right: [EDIT] I just noticed that some files work just fine - it is specifically Omnigraffle, Omnioutliner, and Inspiration files that are the problem. I can use the “launch with” just fine or double-click with expected results for .doc, .jpg, .psd files. Weird!

Well, I managed to figure out the problem. Devonthink was not the source of the problem, but rather a file management mess-up on my part.

I was importing the files into the database, but through a series of stupid maneuvers managed to delete the “Files” folder that was stored internally in the database.