This is getting disappointing and worrisome

It has been quite a while since the new version has been advertised, including features such as tagging. Yes, there are disclaimers when you download that say tagging is not yet released.

But 3 months later this is starting to become quite disappointing. Your initial advertisement got people (like me) to download and try out the product. This is an investment of time and effort on our part, and the learning curve is definitely non-trivial. And then there is the “This Beta expires on March 31, 2009” pushing me towards purchasing the product – which is still a Beta. I have seen several posts by people waiting to do various kinds of serious usage due to missing features and the concern about re-work.

I sincerely hope the time-line for things like this does not drag on much longer.

I would say your concerns have merit, but for the issue of being forced to purchase the beta on March 31. I have complete confidence that Devon will always make available a non-expired beta until the final version is released.

Hi Kay–

As Greg mentioned, the expiration on the current beta release simply means a new beta must be released by the 31 of March, which will certainly coincide with the integration of more features (as have each of the beta expirations). There is nothing untoward or unusual about that.

DT also offers very long trial period on its $$ final release software.

I agree that the company should have minimized the front-page exclamations of DT2.0 is here!!! until a final/stable release went on sale. That said, DT1.5 is still available-- I’m still using it, and I will until the total beta period is over.

My guess is that they are trying to be responsible in adding pieces to the package over the course of the beta period to ensure that each is stable along the way.

If you can’t handle Beta software don’t download it.

It’s a benefit to the end user to be able to test the software in Beta form. It’s a Beta not a trial there are features that aren’t implemented or working %100.

I’m over the whole “disappointment” or “worrisome” part of this. But I just thought I’d mention, in case DT is reading, that I am one of those who is simply waiting for the official release to jump in and make the upgrade purchase. The minute the official release is made, I’m there!

Me too. As soon as the official version 2 is out I’ll purchase my upgrade.
Not disappointed or worried, btw.