Those Classify and See Also buttons...

I know these functions are Devonthink’s USP, but surely their proper place is the main toolbar – or better still, the neat little bar above the main window (beside the >> icon)? In their current position they’re sore on the eyes (imho) and a waste of screen real estate. It’s not as if we’re clicking these buttons all day long. This is only a minor quibble, obviously, but what do others reckon?

My third option for the poll [“Leave them put!”] didn’t post for some reason. Sorry!

This is just a shadow vote for leaving them where they are. Ain’t broke, don’t fix.

…all the time! They are, in fact, two of my most used features in DT, so I’d hate for them to be relegated somewhere that would make them more difficult to use. Having them where they are also puts them horizontally near the red “close” and “More” buttons of the Classify/See Also side panel when it is open. I like them where they are so I didn’t vote.