Thought Sync was working, however no longer syncing

Seeing serval posts w/the same issues so will start reading those…still posting here as this might be a friction point that DevonTechnologies could take a deeper look (w/in the app itself.)

Your “friction point” is unspecified.

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Inferred w/the title… to clarify… synch’s that appear to break for no known reason. Happened to me as well. Had sync working, two days later try it again and no synching. The connection points all appear intact and working.

As long as you do not provide any details (eg the sync method, what exactly “broken” means), it is impaired to help you

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Point was it broke for no apparent reason, not so much trying to get it reconnected… not yet. Do not have the time to go through it all again… it broke so quickly and easily it seemed. Sure, might be something on my end and I will need to cut out time to address at some point. Ways to keep the breaks from happening would be good for a developer to explore, rather than focusing on ways to reconnect each time something breaks.

Also trying to use the product w/o having to vest vast amounts of time in learning curves, configuration settings and the like so it doesn’t feel like I am being forced into yet another admin role where the work and time being put into something is not worth the value on the other end (aka. Homebridge for those in the home automation space.) Not saying there is no value in the software, this is about being able to use the software w/o having to be an admin.

So it’s not about solving a problem. Got it.

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