Thoughts on converting 100+ page eBooks to searchable pdf??

I just wanted to get your two cents as to whether or not you would suggest converting a couple dozen eBooks I have to searchable PDF?

I know that might be a pretty vague question, but the fact is that the eBooks are theoretically ‘releveant’ to the other content in my database…but my concern is that there are so many pages, and there are probably a couple dozen of these eBooks (such as those from O’Reilly, ‘For Dummies’, ‘ExtremeTech’, etc…that perhaps DT’s AI might wind up creating connections from these documents to pretty much everything else in my database (via its various AI mechanisms)?

Any thoughts?

Personally with massive amount of content (large PDFs + doc pages like PHP’s doc pages), I’ve in the past had problems. I’m not sure if it’s as much a problem any more with DEVONthink, but in the past when I tried adding that much information to DT, it began to crawl, and use massive amounts of memory.

I don’t have that much in my largest database, and it’ll be awhile before I reach the level I did when I ran into problems - so to answer your question, I’m not sure :slight_smile:

If you do test it out, could you post the stats of your database here? I’m kinda curious about the memory footprint once you have everything scanned.