Thoughts on creating an aggregator with DEVON Products

Hello everyone!

I am thinking of creating a (more or less) automated workflow to gain control over the flood of information that pours into our puny brains every day.

The goal/What happens:

  • The web is searched via Devon Agent
    (or content is provided manually)
  • DA provides search results to Devon Think Pro Office
  • DTPO creates something readable for the web (sever option?)
  • Some other app or DTPO puts it on a website
  • Profit!

Among other tools I have Hazel to help me weed files and content out.

Now my question is: Are DA and DTPO able to be scripted to work like this? I haven’t yet read anything about scripting (I know they support it, though I do not know about the extent of scripting that is possible) … so I am just asking to check before digging really deep into it.

Any suggestions or ideas would be great! Thanks! :mrgreen:

This is possible and the easiest solution doesn’t even require scripting:

  1. Create a new search set, enable the options to add results to DEVONthink and to return only new results and finally define a schedule.
  2. Enable the web server of DEVONthink Pro Office (see Preferences > Server)

DEVONthink Pro Office’s server supports also JSON, XML and RSS output but integrating this into your own website is a lot of work.

Wow, thank you for those replies!

Yes, this is not necessarily a small project, and I am still intending to learn Applescript for this, just in case it gets bigger and bigger :astonished:

I will look into how to publish the data in the most efficient way. It would be so awesome to have an online browsable database by content and tags etc.

One more question: I think I have to use my own computer at home for this, right? No way to publish the database on my webspace to make it independent of my computer?

You could use File > Export > Website… but this is limited, e.g. you’d have to create your own navigation.