Thoughts on the Archive issue

As Bill has written, one cannot underestimate the synergy between DA and DT. As I work more with DT, I can see a possible solution to something I have criticized about the DA archive. To make it simple, suppose one has two archives on different but related subjects. The first time I do that search, I will not filter against the Archive because I want everthing on this subject even if it was already in the archive. The problem arises when I update Subject 1 because the next time I update Subject 2 I will want to filter against the archive but it won’t find relevant items from Archive 1 that had been added subsquently.

My first suggestion was to allow filtering against only specific archives, still not a bad idea I think, but I also had another idea. One could first search the Archive to see if anything new had been added since the last update but there are some problems here. The first problem is that there does not seem to be a column in the Archive for the date the item was added so there doesn’t seem to be a way to see what is “new.” (There is a date column but I don’t understand what it represents) .The second problem is the lack of boolean searching for the Archive in order to repllicate DA queries. I would say the lack of a colum for “Date Added” is the deal buster here.

So I guess what I am asking for is either a way to filter against only select archives (I have already potsed on this) or at least a “date added column” and boolean searching for the Archive. Maybe there is another solution which I am missing?

Boolean and wildcard searching will definitely come.

Thats good to hear but without a “Date Added” column or the ability to filter by individual archives, it won’t really adress this issue.

Searching has currently a higher priority but there are actually also plans to use the “Only new pages” option not only for actions but also for the results shown in the search window. That could be sufficient for your needs.

Maybe, I will have to see how this feature works. I think the filter by select archives would be the best.