Three Cheers for DEVONthink!

I’ve been using DT for quite some time, and I think I’d started to take it for granted. Here’s what happened today that reminded me why I love this software.

My wife does real estate, and was wondering if I had copies of the mortgages for some properties. I pop open DT3, do a search, find the documents. It literally took longer to send her the documents than to find them (because they were big scanned PDFs). I went on with my day.

Tonight, my wife asked me how I’d organized them to find them so easily. Literally all I did was open my file database (as opposed to Cooking, or D&D) and searched for “mortgage”. The files were in the top twenty by relevance.

That’s the power of the DT search algorithms compared to Spotlight. She said searching for something with Spotlight is just as likely to find a meatloaf recipe (“This is the dinner I made when paying off a mortgage”) as anything useful.

Thank you to all at DEVONtechnologies. I may quibble about things now and then, but that is only because it performs so well that I literally don’t understand life without it.


Thanks for the nice feedback & sharing your experience!