Three questions on using DTPO

Dear All

I have three questions re the DTPO and I don’t seem to be able to find answer in the user guide.
(1) When I open a new document window in DTPO, it seems that the document window always retain its last opened position and size. Is there anyway to set a default window position and size for all open documents (those that opened in DTPO before and not-opened in DTPO before)?

(2) I have smart folders which are either created by me or from DTPO’s template , it seems that some smart folders display the number of documents within them and some do not (please refer to the attached image). For example, there are over 200 files in “Annotations” and in “Quant paper China” and the item number is not displayed. Am I missing some settings?

(3) In a DTPO’s three-pane view, when I mouse-over a document for about 2 seconds, a small pop-up window will appear and shows all the info pretty much the same as the fields’ content in the “show info” window. Is there a way to just show selected field’s content (in my case, just the “Spotlight comments”) in that little pop-up window? The column view for spotlight comment is just too narrowed for longer comments.

Thank you very much in advance
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 09.39.01.png

  1. No, there’s not.
  2. There are two types of searches: a static one has a simple criterion like Kind is Formatted Note.
    The second type is dynamic and has a criterion that must be evaluated, like Name matches [0-9][0-9]. The second should show the count when you select the Smart Group.
  3. No you can’t change the contents of the tooltip.

Got it. Thanks