Three suggestions

  1. Blog posting. A one-click solution for posting DT entries to the most popular blog engines, synchronization etc.

  2. Tabbed browsing. I know Devon Agent is supposed to be your web browser, but I prefer DT for most uses. Why? Because it’s so much easier to sort/manipulate/highlight bookmarks. I suspect other users feel the same. So why not add tabbed browsing? Also a browsing history.

  3. Better outlining, writing capabality. Others have posted on the primitive quality of DT’s outliner. What I need, as far as writing is concerned, is an easier way to do margins. I want to be able to see what the page looks like, without fiddling with those finicky rulers. Have a look at Nisus Writer Express to see what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fab product, and getting better all the time: a fully integrated browser/clipper/viewer/outliner/writer/blogger would be the ideal.

I’m with you there. In fact, I’d really like to see is a super-duper Pro version of DT that has Devonagent built in. All the features of DA, but without leaving DT. I’m not saying I know how to implement such a monumental task, or even if I would actually like it, once it was available to try. But I am saying that I never use my copy of DA. I do most of my surfing either in DTP or Firefox. Making DTP a full blown web browser (history, rss, tabs) would put it above and beyond the other browsers out there.

I must disagree. In my eyes that would be a horror app, i would never use!
I work best with little applications that do one or a few clearly defined things very well and fast and communicate good with other apps.
DEVONthink is good in communicating due to it’s good AppleScript support. For example it’s much more interesting to follow your RSS-Feeds with Vienna and add interesting Articles to DEVONthink via AppleScript than using the DEVONthink RSS-Feature.

I would prefer DEVONthink would polish it’s userinterface and AppleScript support and add support for more fileformats.

There are already too many bloated applications that do everything a bit, nothing good and that are slow, inconsistent and buggy…


Thank you.

— polish it’s user interface
— inconsistent



I don’t agree, that would lead to bloatware. DT can’t do everything.

Good idea.

Hmm . . . once again that would lead to bloatware IMHO.

Me, too.

I do the same with NetNewsWire and the Add News to DEVONthink script.

I’ve long hoped UI polish would gain higher priority.
For AppleScript, I’d like to see more “real world” usage examples.
I’ve never needed DTP to handle any file formats it doesn’t; my databases are already complicated enough. :astonished:

Funny, DEVONthink Pro might qualify as the most “feature-bloated” app on my Mac but features I don’t use don’t seem to get in my way.

I wouldn’t mind tabs, or something that helps manage window clutter. I can think of other changes that might improve overall usability and consistency.