Thumbnail gallery of folder contents?

I just opened up dttg and in the main pane, where the document is normally displayed, there was a gallery of thumbnails of the contents of the folder. I’ve not seen that before and I can’t reproduce - how do I bring it up again, please?

If you touch a database or group’s name, you will see the item list.
If you touch the number of items in a database of group, shown at the right, you will show the items in grid view.

So you do. I never knew that. Is it only available in grid view? I’ve often wanted a file list in the main pane rather than just in the side bar. This is close to that, but list view would be even better.

The list view only appears in the item list on the left.
Grid view only appears in the righthane pane.

Thanks for your help,

You’re welcome.

@BLUEFROG Anyway to see grid view on iPhone?


Apart from tapping on the number to the right of the group or database name?

Got it. it works intermittently. I think it requires more precision than I expected. Thanks!