Thumbnail Markdown Creation

Currently the thumbnail is generated from the plain text markdown view. I would love to have it generated from the rich view (HTML rendered view). I would love to have the thumbnail show my wonderful markdown notes with images inside.

Is this for DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go 2?

DEVONthink, there is no thumbnail generation as of yet for the mobile version.

But there is, for the Grid View.

According to the docs, the grid view simply shows a preview.

But it’s not a preview of the actual document. It has to be rendered to an image for the Grid View.

Haha, fair point, its the icon on the right of the note name in list view that I am talking about that only applies to DEVONthink macOS and not iOS as it does not generate thumbnails for that icon. They will hover sync over to the iOS version once generated.