Thumbnail view and search / filter

I have a database open, using the thumbnail view, and see some 102 thumbnails. I type something into the search field, get a list of 6 matching search results below the search field … but the thumbnail view below that still shows all 102 thumbnails.

I should have seen the 6 thumbnails of the search results.

Am I doing something wrong?

That’s normal behavior. Search results initiated from any view option - whether from the little Query field in the Toolbar or in the full Search window - will always be presented as a list. You are not seeing the document itself in the results list.

Select an item in the results list and invoke the Reveal command, Command-R, to see the item’s location in the database.

Are you saying that Thumbnail view is only usable for manually looking over a complete and unfiltered set of documents? As soon as I do a search, I can no longer see a Thumbnail view of the filtered results?

Is so, it makes no sense at all and renders Thumbnail view dramatically less useful.

Please open up OSX Finder, use Icon view, then type something into the search field. Still Icon view, but with your search results.

Feature request, please???