thumbnailed documents

Hi, I just downloaded DTP 1.5.3 (to MacbookPro, OS X 10.5.4). Most of my documents are linked. And, now, for some reason, they show up as thumbnails. In Preferences, I unchecked PDF & PS automatic thumbnails and reloaded DTP. But most documents are miniaturized. Is there a way to change this behavior? Is it an intentional feature?

Are you able to view the full-size versions of the documents?

If not (ie, if you’re just seeing a larger version of the thumbnails), there might be a problem with your database’s internal “files” folder that contains the PDFs and other things not stored in the database itself.

Is that the problem you’re having?

Please check that the link (see path in Info panel) is correct and that the linked files exist.

Yes, Christian, that seems to be exactly the problem. My use of DTP has been on-and-off (mostly off), so when I last reorganized my computer, I must have broken almost all the links. Would the “Rebuild Database” command find and restore the links? Should I put all of my documents into one Mac folder and then index the files into a new DTP database?

I have about 3500 items; about 2500 in about 80 folders; the rest are not filed. All of this is on a particular topic with several subareas.

I’m using a MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.5, 2.5 GHz Intel Core Duo, 4GB SDRAM



That’s a possibility, especially as you can easily synchronize this folder via File > Synchronize.