Thumbnails in 1.7

In DevonThink 1.6 I saved a RTF or Word file in a folder on my desktop named Devon, with an applied ”save in Devonthink”-script, (preferences set to ”Use pdftotext” and ”Convert to Plain Text”).

In the browser these files, although converted to plain text files, were marked out with RTF and Word thumbnails. When I saw one of these I had a choice of reading the plain text version or launching the original file, which I found very conveniant.

When upgrading to 1.7, not only where all existing ”false” RTF and Word thumbnails converted to plain text thumbnails, also all new RTF or Word files are represented in this way. The result is that I today don’t know if a plain text in Devonthink is only a plain text or alson a ”launchable” PDF or Word file.

Has anyone faced this problem and found a solution to it? Will this ”bug” be fixed in coming versions?


DEVONthink uses the systemwide icons and therefore the icons should (!) be identical to those in the Finder.

Yeah, they (icons was the word I was looking for, not thumbnails, thank you) should (!) be the same. For pictures (jpeg etc.) they are, but not for pdf and doc, converted to text in DT ???


If you’ve converted pdfs/docs to plain text, then DT uses the icons for (plain/rich) text of course (as the icons always represent the current content type).

"of course"!? But my point is, that in 1.6 items converted to plain text, linked to PDF or Word files in a folder on my desktop, were represented by PDF or Word icons in my DT browser. I found that very useful, as I suppose anyone would do.


In our opinion (based on the general feedback too) this was a bug in v1.6. E.g. PDF documents, PDF documents converted to rich text and PDF documents converted to plain text - all displaying the same icon in the worst case. This was definitely confusing.