thumbnails & webarchives

I’ve the opposite problem to this thread:

That is, I’d like to have my webarchives default to having no thumbnail – perverse (or at least idiosyncratic) of me, perhaps, but it is my preference. 8)

I can, of course, (and have) turned off thumbnails for movies, PDFs, and “Other files” (as it’s listed in Preferences) – images are an exception – but webarchives saved via the “Add web document to DEVONthink” script still appear with a thumbnail (not falling, apparently, under the rubric “Other files,” at least not via this import conduit).

I also appreciate that I can remove the thumbnails fairly easily via the contextual menu. But it would be nice not to have to bother. :slight_smile:

I appreciate, further, that Bill DeVille is constantly (and helpfully) evangelizing on behalf of Rich Text captures rather than full webarchives. I’m attracted to his point, but find that in practice, while I do try to follow his lead, I nonetheless find myself opting for one-click shopping as it were, rather than mouse around with the often extensive selection process. :frowning: Typically, I’m saving something for later examination or digestion, and just want to capture it, on the fly, as quickly as possible.

All help and suggestions welcome.

thanks for the suggestion, the next beta will include a preference to disable automatic thumbnails for captured web archives.