TidBITS reviews DT

TidBITS has a review of DT by Matt Neuburg.  Overall, it’s pretty positive.



thanks for the link although we’ve already seen this :slight_smile: And yes, it’s quite positive and we’re aware of the glitches but it’s difficult to iron out those minor issues and add new features at the same time (and people are requesting new features always  ;D)

I think you folks have done a good job of balancing these two.  

For what it worths, I’d like to see the feature set of DT settle down for a bit, and have several of the newer features (outlining, wiki links, for examples) built out a bit more.

Of course, I’d also love to have DT Pro, yesterday.  :P   So just like all your users, I also want it all.

Version 1.8.1a (coming next week) will be just a bugfix release - definitely no new features and therefore no new version numer  ;) And that will be probably the last release for two months - DT Pro will arrive before DT 1.8.2.

Catching up with this late, but I thought Matt’s review was particularly unimaginative. One would have no idea of the boundless possiblities of DevonThink reading only the Tidbits review. Disappointing, overall.