Tiddlywikis vs Sheets/Records within DTPO?

I’ve been looking for a solution for capturing and organizing my many small loos notes on notecards within DTPO. I am attempting to choose between using the new Sheets/Records element or adding Tiddlywikis html databases to projects for easy searching and tagging restricted to the content of that tiddlywiki.

The kind of information that I’m looking to gather are largely the looser, more miscellaneous scraps of notes early in a project. The DTPO 1.x version of Sheets/Records allowed me to replicate individual records to scatter all about the database in groups of other file types. That was great for the double-system I tend to need: grouping elements by projects (essential in short run) and groups by REFerence topic (used more after project complete). The replicant link allowed me to easily update information either when finding it in its project list or in a separate reference group. Clicking on a single record offered a single-record entry screen that reminded me of FileMaker Pro, as well as viewing as a spreadsheets. Though that said, the new version seems to be faster and cleaner.

Well, I’m considering creating a small number of Tiddlywikis and using tagging (or tagglytagging in MPTW) to bring up bits I might be interested in for use in other DTPO document types. This is is a far cheaper way to accomplish what one user reported doing here by purchasing Devon Personal as well as DevonThink Office – separating the provisional/too-early stuff (which would go into Tiddlywikis) into DevonPersonal from “drafts”/“completed” stuff in DTPO.

Any other suggestions for this dilemma?