Tie the info panel to the main window

I’d really like to see an option to tie the info panel to the main window. I’ve tried putting it to the right of main window, but whenever I pop out the classify drawer, it slides under the info panel. Tried other places, too, and it ends up blocking something else. I hope to use tagging when it becomes functional and it will be very helpful to have the info panel handy.

With all the different panels, drawers, etc, maybe something like the palette bin in Photoshop would be great (OK, that’s probably a 3.0 request). So, while I’m at it, it would be cool to have the Groups panel work like the Sorter with a little tab on the edge of the screen.

Happy New Year! :smiley:

Pretty sure this has been suggested and discussed a few times. :slight_smile:

My initial opinion is that the main window and Information panel are already busy enough without being combined. But I also see value in having certain parts of the Information panel more easily accessible, leading to this sort of questioning:

I’d consider if certain tagging functionality in the Information panel really belongs there.

I see this as an example of several possible UI changes in v2 that could improve overall usability. I haven’t noticed anything substantial in that area compared to v1.

Where else would it be, except in another mostly-hidden widget?

I’d rather hold off on specific ideas until tagging is more fully implemented. It’s possible what’s currently in the Information panel may change.

True, maybe an option to “show/hide”?

True, but however it’s implemented, I’d like the input for tagging to be in a predictable, easily accessible place, and not in a separate, floating window.

Also true, but nothing’s changed, so I’m trying again!

I’d like to see the info panel, the tagging interface, and the drawers combined into one consistent interface. I don’t really care if they are all combined into drawers (which I like, but some have mentioned that drawers are a dated interface element) or into an inspector-style pallet that has become so prevalent in the past few years. Either way, combining all into one interface will avoid the challenges such as the drawer sliding out under the info panel as has been mentioned in this thread.