Tiger clean install -- no DT DB, no entering of licensing in

I’m sorry it this has been answered here before, but right now I don’t have the nerves to go searching… I’ve had to clean-reinstall Tiger on my PB (it’s a long and sad story). Now almost everything is finally back up and running.
However, I can’t seem to enter my licensing information for DevonThink and DevonAgent: the “register” button stubbornly stays greyed out.

What am I doing wrong?


I just went through the same scenario and couldn’t get either DT or DA to accept my input so the register button worked.

  1. Be sure the text you are copying in is unformatted; I keep my Reg. #s in a Nisus table and had formatted all columns of info to Align Centered. Resetting the columns to Left Align and then copying the Reg # into DT seemed to work.

  2. After you have put your reg. # in the appropriate box, click again in the Company box. I found that if I entered my Name (accurately), tabbed through “Company”, and entered my number In Reg box,

this is important:

I had to re-click on Company And the Accept button lit up! Simply finishing typing the right number does not make the Accept button light up, which seems a bug to me.

Craig Turner[/u]

Craig, thanks for the help! Unfortunately, my Devon apps are more obstinate than yours, and don’t want to register… BTW, I keep my Serials in WebConfidential, so formatting should not be the problem – at least, this would be a first.

I’m surprised that Craig got his serial numbers to work. The registration process for Devon apps only work for the first 30 days after the code is issued. As example, here is part of the e-mail from my DA registration:

“Use this license code to unlock your application before the <day.month.year> (within 30 days). Please make sure to enter ALL details EXACTLY as shown above. You will have to do this again only if you do a complete re-install of your system without any backup of your user folder. Simply make sure to backup all files beginning with com.devon-technologies in ~/Library/Preferences.”

You should be able to e-mail Devon and get a new code.

I was told by Devon Tech Support during my troubles to keep trying to enter the original #s I was given some time ago.

I did, also, just receive emails with new serial numbers.

Craig :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool – I hadn’t even thought of looking at backup prefs. com.devon-technologies.*.registration.plist did the trick.