Time machine and DT

In reviewing Time Machine I found a statement that it will make a backup of the complete database every time the DB changes.

How will Time Machine work for people who modify gigantic files on a regular basis? For example, consider a 1GB database file. If I make a tiny modification to that file, Time Machine writes out another 1GB file to record that change. As a result, drive space on my backup device could quickly disappear. Apple suggests that the answer will be for application developers to modify their programs to break up data into more discrete elements that can be backed up more simply by Time Machine—something they may already be doing in order to make their files searchable via Spotlight. But will this pitfall drastically reduce Time Machine’s usefulness for some users?

As my DT database is ca 5GB I will soon run out of external disk space if this is true.

What is the situation with DTPO?


DEVONthink Pro databases are so-called packages, technically: folders that appear like a single file. So, Time Machine should NOT back up the complete database over and over again but only the changed parts of it.