Time Machine Backup of encrypted DevonThink Pro Database

Hello all,

I’m using an encrypted DevonThink Database and have some question regarding backup with Time Machine.

When I do a TimeMachine backup - will TimeMachine only backup the changes in the database file or will it backup the whole thing (4GB) every time I make a change - even a tiny one - in the database?

Thanks for any hint!

The whole database will be backed up as it’s a single, encrypted file. Is the size of your database really 4 GB or is that just the maximum size?

Thanks! Where can I see the real file size? I only watch in Finder (Mac) and it says: 4.701.957.632 bytes (4,69 GB on disk).

That’s the real file size of the .dtSparse file. Which maximum size did you specify while creating the database?

Mh, no idea. This is what the info panel says:

The next release will display the free space in this panel too and make this more obvious.