Time Machine restore & sync

I recently had a problem with my MacBook which resulted in a new logic board being installed (27 days before my warranty ran out, good timing). Of course they had to reinstall MacOS, and I had to restore the entire hard drive from Time Machine. That worked flawlessly, thank goodness.

However, I noticed this morning that files that I’d since added to DTPO were not syncing to my iPhone. I checked the phone and sync looked fine. Checked preferences in DTPO and there was nothing set up for sync.

So I checked the box for ICloud, and checked the boxes for all the databases. That was 30-45 minutes ago, and nothing seems to be going on - all the databases say “not yet synchronized, upload database”.

Is that a command, have I missed a step? I would think that the databases would still be in iCloud, minus the newer additions.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

What is reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

Oh, brother! The log said “invalid encryption key”. I didn’t remember having used an encryption key so I left that field blank. Ooops. Seems to be working now.


You’re welcome, and yep, the key must match - even if it’s not specified. Cheers!