Time to upgrade my databases to DTPO?

I have bought the upgrade to DTPO, but never tested it - I do so much trust Devon products, which are very stable and reliable, that I felt sure it would be a good choice to go ahead and buy DTPO.

However, I have not yet downloaded or installed DTPO, since it is a beta. I continue to use DT Pro - for such a tool, I am reluctant to take any risk testing a beta version.

Since I use DT Pro on both my iBook and my iMac, I wonder if I can install DTPO now at least on my iBook (where I have less content), or if you would advise to wait? When I install DTPO, will this overwrite DT Pro, or will both coexist? If I work on a database with DTPO, is it still possible to reopen it later with DT Pro, or is there no way back?

I need to make sure that I can begin the process toward DTPO, and not make a premature decision. I am waiting impatiently for the end of the beta. But you are right to take the time it needs to make it 100% reliable. Thank you for your efforts!

Their Betas have been rock-solid stable for me over the years. The code base seems to be quite stable. It is, after all, a guiding principle.

Thank you for your advice! I will go ahead and install it on my iBook, as a first step. I have found in another post on this forum the confirmation that files are interchangeable between DTP and DTPO, so there should be no problem. What is not yet clear to me: does DTPO overwrite DTP or coexist with it?

We strongly advice you to move your existing copy of DTP to the trash and then drop DTPO in your applications directory. To be extra safe so that the Services menus etc. work properly, log out and back in again. That should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice! Glad to have asked before attempting to install DTPO!