I just set up some RSS feeds to capture tweets, but the times that DEVONthink tags each entry with are different from the times listed on the tweet. Any thoughts onto why that might be?

How much of time difference is there.

There’s a pretty big time difference- it’s 5 hours later. The tweet says it was tweeted at 11:36am today but DEVONthinkPro puts it at 4:36pm today (right now it’s 11:45 am). That’s why I’m thinking it has to be a time zone issue, but I can’t figure out where that preference/option might be.

PS Thanks so much to goggles for the response and to any others who looked at my question. I apologize for not following up for three whole months! Can you tell work got busy? I promise I’ll be a better community member from now on. I’ll keep checking back daily. Again, thanks for all the help.

What method are you using to create a Twitter RSS feed?

Over here I use


And DEVONthink is off also - it shows create/modified times 4 hours later than what the tweet reports. (Probably the same result as yours, adjusted for daylight savings.)

That’s the same one I used.

Part of why this is so funny is that DEVONthink seems to think it’s much later in the day than it is, and is archiving things from the future. :wink: