Timestamp and annotations at video files

First time here…sometime DVT user…but with the new DVT3 I’m already using wayyy a lot more! One question…I’m using the Annotations’s box inside Annotations and Reminders tab from a video file…mp4, for example…Is it possible to make a “timestamp” for the already “copy frame link” shortcut at menu context??

Something like this:

Thanks a lot!!

Welcome @leorassi

The link from Copy Frame Link can be pasted into an Annotation file, however it doesn’t currently show the time, just the document name.

It is also possible to use Edit > Paste & Match Style to paste the raw link.

Also, you could use our freeware WordService to install services like an option to insert a timestamp. This screencap shows all three options in use…


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Thanks @BLUEFROG! Didnt know about WordService…its cool…but the “timestamp” that I was referring is the “position” on the timeline of the video…like a perfect mix of the 3 ways… :slight_smile:

Is there someway possible to make a script to convert the raw link’s final (in your example:…?time=14.879038) and applied with the document name??

Because, If I didnt use Paste & Match Style for show the frame links, all my frame links will have the same name…

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Is there someway possible to make a script to convert the raw link’s final (in your example:… ?time=14.879038 ) and applied with the document name??

Possible? Sure, though it’s not necessarily trivial since this is RTF content.

Also bear in mind the text of the link would have to be modified independently of the URL. They aren’t related under-the-hood. For example, you could edit the text to be time=11 while the underlying URL could by pointing to time=52.

Now I see because its not necessarily trivial…probably I will need another approach…Any suggestion? My goal make all annotations on videos, for example, inside DVT3…and reference the time of a annotation at the timeline of the video is sometimes important to contextualize that thought. Thanks anyway for all the help!

You mean, like this…



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:star_struck: Yesssssssssssss…Please…How???

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The easiest solution might be to make the “Insert Back Link” command in the popup context-sensitive in beta 2, e.g. to insert a page or frame link in case of PDFs or videos.


That would be awesome!

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I guess that rendered my script useless. :slight_smile:

Sorry, had few minutes left today :slight_smile:

I really will like to see your script if you dont mind…just because I could learn a little bit more!! And really thank a lot for the effort!!! As always, you rock!! Sorry, you too @cgrunenberg!! :sweat_smile: