I want to be able to create a note at anytime and have the title set to the current date and time.

Is this possible?

I have already tried to do this in the note screen that shows up for the sorter but it does not seem to allow.


Not currently possible, but it is a nice feature. I’ve created a Keyboard Maestro macro to give me similar functionality, although TextExpander could do the same thing. I actually have multiple ‘new’ document macros linked to the same hotkey in DEVONthink. I type command-n and get the following window:

Selecting option #1 in this example creates a new text file, with ‘yyyy-mm-dd-’ and I type what I want for the rest of the document’s title.

Great tip. I´ve done that for myself. But how do you prevent the HUD from appearing in all other apps while typing “cmd+n”?

I created a macro group that is only available in DEVONthink, and place all the macros in that group. I have other macros that are also specific to DEVONthink in this group, as well as other macro groups and macros that are specific to other applications. It allows a very high level of customization across various apps without creating shortcut conflicts. This is the only way I can work with more than a few macros as I cannot remember the lesser-used shortcut combinations.

I had just found out the way it works, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: Could have known it, because TextExpander works the same way.