Tinderbox and DTPO

Does DTPO index Tinderbox files? After storing several TB files in DPTO I have not been able to have DPTO search them.

Am I missing something?

Which version of Tinderbox do you use, what’s the extension of the files? Could you send an example to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks in advance!

Why do you want the user to send you an email in stead of directly asnwering the question. We all want to learn from these posts. Private emails are not helpful for the rest of the community.

Tinderbox files always have the same type of extension. There is no “which type” with them.

They are XML files. I don’t know if Devonthink treats them like regular XML, as Spotlight does, or understandings them differently.
The newest release of Devonthink for example claims to “Improved indexing of EPUB 3 and Tinderbox files”. I don’t understand what that mean.

Answering the questions directly here would be more helpful.

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Some quick testing gives the following:

If the .tbx is indexed (i.e. in a Finder folder that’s indexed, DT Pro Office will find text within the document.

If the .tbx is copied into the DT Pro Office database, then a search will not find the content.

I don’t know whether that’s the design behaviour.

No, the search index should be identical and the file should be found in both cases (and it’s working like that over here). Did you use the same file, is the word count (see navigation bar or “Word Count” column of list views) the same?


Yes, word count is the same and display of the content is the same. If I search the name of the .tbx, all copies show up, but if I search on some unique content, only the indexed document is returned.

Are you able to reproduce this using a new database and importing/indexing the file again? Did you use the toolbar search or the Tools > Search window?

Aha! It works in a fresh database, so I’ve just done a rebuild on the existing one and it works there too.


So, the answer to the OP’s question is that DT can search the content of .tbx files