Tiny letters when printing


I’m not sure this is a specific DEVONthink problem but it might be.

Whenever I print a rich-text document from Devonthink the letters come out much smaller than I would expect them to be. For example, when i print a document with 20 pt Arial text, on the print it looks more like 10 pt. Is there anything I can do about this?

If a window is too wide, then DEVONthink scales the text to fit the page (this is similar to TextEdit). But there are some minor issues related to margins etc. which will be fixed in v1.7.3 and which could affect the size too.

I’ve had the same question myself and am not convinced it’s related to the size of the window (at least not for me). I have to make the text excruciatingly large on-screen in order to get it to print in a size that’s legible. Thought  it might be a preference somewhere. . .
:-/ woops I stand corrected. Drag the window to something tiny and you  get big text. Is there any way to get the text size I’ve specified?