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I’m really enjoying the new DTTG3 app, but one issue that I’ve noticed is that the thumbnail icon at the top of the screen is squeezed in between the outline icon and the information icon, making it hard to click. Sometimes I have clicked it numerous times, only to open the outline or information icon by accident. I’m not sure if other users have brought this up, but I thought you should be aware of this issue.


I’m not going to be able to unsee that any more - the spacing is atrocious :crazy_face: @eboehnisch you have unequal spacing (both by optics and by measurement) in the icons. And even if the three above mentioned are grouped, and therefore intentionally spaced closer to one another, the space between the outline icon and the thumbnail icon is smaller than between the thumbnail icon and the info icon (again, both by optics and by measurement; iPad Pro 11 2nd; on the iPhone the spacing of the icons is similarly off, but distribution is different).

A screencap could be helpful.

It sure would and I really wish I had made one - because the icons on the iPad are spaced equally now. I’m going to try and reconstruct my steps…


I was able to recover this snippet which I used to measure; you can see the icons are unevenly distributed (note, especially, the space between search and outline vs outline and thumbnail). But as I said, this phenomenon is no longer there (which probably explains why I had not previously noticed it).

The alignment on the iPhone (12pro) isn’t quite right; it’s less noticeable and always unchanged, though.

I’m having trouble too, strangely! Will post when I have the opportunity.

I believe this is entirely under the control of the framework.

I don’t know if this helps, but here is a screenshot where the compressed spacing is quite visible. I noticed that this odd spacing doesn’t always occur, but I haven’t be able to identify what triggers it.

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Is there an outline or table of contents in this document?

In my case the answer was no on both counts

DEVONthink To Go doesn’t add any custom spacing here but just an array of equally spaced buttons. Do you see a similar effect in other document types, too? And: Is the length of the document name a factor, maybe?

The only factor I have identified as yet is that if I open DTTG (iPad) and it opens displaying a document which I had selected to view in my last session, then the icons are malspaced. If I select a different document, then even when I go back to the original document, spacing is as it should be.

This appears to happen irrespective of where the document is (global inbox, group in a database), and appears to be irrespective of the length of the name. Because it affects the icons outline, thumbnails and information, it only affects document types which offer those functions (i.e. PDF).

Thank you, that’s an interesting information already.

and an adjunct: if I quit DTTG (by swiping up in the app expose) and then reopen, then the icons are spaced correctly even when DTTG opens displaying the last used document.

Obviously this bug is not serious :slight_smile: Just a bug :slight_smile:

It gets stranger and stranger … :slightly_smiling_face:

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In my case, yes.

Oh, and I can confirm Blanc’s observation. To get the normal spacing, I just need to reopen the pdf.

Release notes on DTTG 3.1:

After switching away from DEVONthink To Go and returning, the toolbar items of HTML views were unequally spaced on iPad. Fixed.

It still happens with PDFs, though :wink:

I know. I just couldn’t reliably reproduce it — but discovered a reliably appearing issue here with HTML documents :grinning:

I can - does that mean I have to fix it? :see_no_evil: