Tip: Folder Icons

This may be really basic to most of you, but for those who don’t know, I figured I’d mention about folder icons. Folder icons can be a real help in differentiating folders without reading the text.

To modify the icon, right click on the folder and go to “Get Info”. You can select the icon on the upper left of that window, and ctrl + v from a copied image. This image gets synchronized with the database and appears in DT2G just fine.

For those also not aware, the same method can be used to create custom icons in Finder too. I literally found this out about an hour ago, and spent the last hour getting icons for my main database (Programming).

I’ve done this In Finder plent, but I didn’t realize this could be done in DEVONthink, let alone that it would carry over to DTTG! I don’t have a great need for this but I’ll be playing around with it today just for fun. Great tip.