Tip for using multiple databases in macOSXhints forum

There is a good tip about using multiple databases in DT in the macOSXhints forum. The author uses a UNIX script and symbolic links.

macosxhints.com/article.php? … uery=devon

I seem to recall a similar tip in the DT forums using Applescript, but couldn’t find it using multiple search criteria.

My own DT usage is for research and writing (maybe more about this in another post). Since I’m doing work in several distinct unrelated areas, I keep each topic in a separate database. I seldom need to do searches across all the databases.

Each database has a Drop Box folder to catch all new imports. That’s where I put everything unrelated to the current database. I keep a “Eureka” document there to record my deepest thoughts :wink:. The Drop Box is simply exported before switching databases, then imported into Drop Box of the the new database.

My programming skills are pretty rusty, so I’m doing all this manually right now. Even so, it doesn’t take long to export and import from the menu. BUT I’d like to have some sort of script that would do everything the same way every time without depending on an old guy’s gently dissolving memory!

I look forward to DT Pro (and incidentally, am willing for Devon to take as long as needed to “make it right”). But the initial release will not allow multiple databases to be open concurrently, I gather. Therefore, I think what I’ve described is the best compromise for me until DT Pro can keep several db’s open at the same time.

I welcome replies and discussion, and especially on the UNIX script described in the tip. But PLEASE no technical questions: As I said, programming in AppleScript and UNIX are as foreign to me as Martian!